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Artist Profile – Brandi Meliha – Author

“The truth is, I am having an affair with words, and I’ve decided to make this relationship public. For those interested in seeing the magic happen, welcome” Brandi Meliha is a budding Canadian artist who is launching her new book “Sunset and the Cool Kids”. Interested in learning what was behind the making of this… Continue reading Artist Profile – Brandi Meliha – Author

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Long-Distance Best-Friendships & How to Make it Work

Like any long distance relationship may it be romantic or not, long distance  can be hard to do. Now multiply the attachment you have to that person by ten or so and then multiply by the number of years you’ve known each other and then add some distance and you get long-distance best-friendships. These can be… Continue reading Long-Distance Best-Friendships & How to Make it Work