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Artist Profile – Danielle Singer – Jewelry Designer

“I think the most important advice I could give is to not compromise your creative vision.” – Danielle Singer We got the chance to speak with Toronto Jewelry designer Danielle Singer of Dolorous Jewelry Designs on her 2016 Fall/Winter collection this week as well as get a bit of insight into the Canadian fashion scene!… Continue reading Artist Profile – Danielle Singer – Jewelry Designer

Artist Profiles

Artist Catch-up – Bronte Mirriah Stanfield

Hi readers – A few months ago we spoke with actress/model Bronte Mirriah Stanfield! Fast forward many months later and she is participating in the Elite model search for 2016!  Continue reading “Artist Catch-up – Bronte Mirriah Stanfield”

Artist Profiles

Artist Profile – Brandi Meliha – Author

“The truth is, I am having an affair with words, and I’ve decided to make this relationship public. For those interested in seeing the magic happen, welcome” Brandi Meliha is a budding Canadian artist who is launching her new book “Sunset and the Cool Kids”. Interested in learning what was behind the making of this… Continue reading Artist Profile – Brandi Meliha – Author

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Artist Profile – Zafira Apparel – Fashion

Ever wonder what it takes to start up your own fashion company & what it’s like to delve into the business? We got to chat with designer Conni Zafiris, the founder of Zafira Apparel , about her recent art show and fashion incubator adventures as well as how Zafira came to be! Read on and prepare… Continue reading Artist Profile – Zafira Apparel – Fashion

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Artist Profile – Bronté Mirriah Stanfield – Model/Artist

“My passions are my personality”. This week’s artist profile is dedicated to model/actress/artist Bronté Mirriah Stanfield! Not only is she working with handmade crafts and products from around the world on the daily but she is also actively involved in the artistic world of modeling and acting. Interested in finding someone who is down-to-earth yet… Continue reading Artist Profile – Bronté Mirriah Stanfield – Model/Artist

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Artist Profile – Good Ghost – Music

Good Ghost has me asking one question; how can such a predominantly automotive driven city like Oshawa be home to such a creative and barrier-breaking band such as this!? With singer Katie Munshaw , bassist Mackenzie Spencer, guitarist Alex Spencer and singer Charlie Spencer on keys and electric drum pad, Good Ghost produces music for the… Continue reading Artist Profile – Good Ghost – Music