Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Quite a few weeks ago I wrote a post about getting out more often and avoiding the fear of missing out. With that in mind, I of course had to say yes when a friend of mine asked me if I’d like to tag along and see him walk in a show at Toronto Men’s Fashion week (TOM) and attend an after party with him afterwards.As with many fashionably inclined individuals,every outing starts with ‘what the heck am I going to wear’ – not ‘how am I going to get there or home’, or ‘when am I going to eat’. No no, ‘what am I going to wear’ is the dire question to be answered before considering going out! So let’s start this recap of truly remarkable evening with an outfit of the day!

The Look

After a bit of research and talking to a few make-up artist friends who’ve attended similar events I narrowed down my outfit inspo to black and white, maybe a fitted top of some sort and definitely black pants. Anyone who knows me knows that I love black high-waisted pants and would choose those over a dress or skirt ensemble any day so that’s what I had settled on! Took a quick trip to Dynamite, did some searching for my gold body chain, borrowed a little wristlet from Sara, patched up my work wedges and bam;

TOM Outift
Bodysuit – Dynamite Joggers -Dynamite Bracelet – Pandora Bodychain – Lulus Wristlet – Kate Spade

A body suit was definitely a good way to go – I didn’t have to worry about tucking in a shirt which was awesome and I felt super comfortable the entire night! After deliberation with Sara and the experience from last night I would suggest a small wristlet instead of my original idea to just tuck my phone and wallet into my pants as per usual! Not only is it nice to have some sort of accessory like that but I also got to have a battery pack in the bag to charge my phone in between shows (cannot miss prime Snapchat/blog photo opportunities). Also, keep it simple! Nothing says prêt-à-porter better than classic staple pieces and simple designs!

Wristlet – Kate Spade Shoes -Thrifted


Chain Body Harness – Lulus

Make-up wise a simple bronze eye and winged liner was my choice for the evening (sans mascara because for some reason I did my whole face and just overlooked the mascara bit…). Paired with a rosy lip and a slight bronzed glow, I was good to go!

Eyes: Elizabeth Arden Gold Palette, Elizabeth Arden Sueded Browns Eyeshadow quad, Sephora Waterproof Colourful wink-it felt liner in black, Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon in black Lips: Burberry Lip Velvet in Oxblood NO.437 Face: Two Faced Hangover primer, Benefit Fake-UP Undereye Concealer , Maybelline Fit-me foundation in Ivory, Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer,

The Shows

The two shows I went to visit were on the Thursday night! I went with the intention of just seeing the Hendrixroe show (more on this in a little bit because it was absolutely phenomenal) but was able to see the Finezza one as well so that was amazing! (A VIP ticket also helps 😉 courtesy of my friend that I was going to see)!

*I promise next time I do something like this I won’t take my photos on my phone…!

Finezza was the first show I got to see! This Montreal based brand from designer Ivan Lehec brought a new love and life to men’s suits with brighter colours but maintained the lean and clean lines typical of classically tailored suits and dress shirts. The show closed with two of the models (one being Toronto’s very own Fashion Santa as I was informed) strolling down the runway with their bikes followed by the rest of the models carrying beach balls! The close of the show came about with those beach balls getting tossed into the crowd. I enjoyed this specific show due to the heavy engagement between the models and the guests with the use of eye contact , winking, smiling, blowing a kiss – that kind of thing. It made the show feel almost like a community of sorts with mutual support and love between the models and onlookers!

The second show was the one my friend was modelling in! Canadian designer Jordan Erin McKay (JEM) fuses the rock vibe of Jimi Hendrix with the glamorous beauty of the one and only Marilyn Monroe to seamlessly bring together two different feels to create Hendrixroe. After these two shows, I’ve officially only seen two fashion shows but this one takes the cake! The show opened with a a short film of what I would guess might be the face of the line (he starred in the video and had walked the show multiple times) and promptly after the closing of the video smoke began to fill the start of the runway. An edgy rock/hiphop number began to play and the show had begun! I don’t know if I am bias because a friend was walking in this show or if I was just seriously in love with the entire thing but the dynamic between each look, the models wearing the look and the engagement of the audience was unparalleled! You truly felt like you had temporarily gone back into a different era and were experiencing this medley of vibes coming together in front of you. It’s no wonder McKay got a standing ovation!

14045424_571116583077423_880313124_o (1)

The evening closed with the TOM MensFashion4Hope after-party at the Addisons residence in Toronto (super cool bar by the way with an upscale house-style interior and an outdoor patio with cabana sitting areas and multiple serving bars! All in all, this is one evening I won’t forget and if you ever have a chance to go to a show during Toronto Men’s Fashion Week I suggest you take it! I’m so thankful for my friend for inviting me because this is an experience that really helped solidify that this is the industry I want to work in as the years progress, not to mention the fact that I was able to get out of my comfort zone!



2 thoughts on “Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

  1. I just read this and it brought tears to my eyes!! Thank you for your kind words and I am speechless and truly honoured for your love and support. Hope to see you at my next show.

    Jordan Erin McKay – HENDRIXROE


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