Change: Run from it or Embrace it

Change- you can either run from it or embrace it. Whichever choice you choose, change is eventually going to catch up with you and it can throw you for a loop that breaks you or you can be prepared to roll with the punches and grow with the changes.

It has taken me a while to learn this but change really is a good thing. Every change we go through makes us grow up and mature in some way. You learn how to deal with things on your own and how to be flexible when unfamiliar things are thrown your way. The more frequently you are exposed to new environments and new situations, the easier it may get to adapt the next time a curveball is thrown your way so embrace it. Get used to the idea of change because it is not going away.

When I first started university I was completely and utterly terrified. The idea of plunging into a new school not knowing how classes worked, leaving my close friends, not having my family as a safety blanket, and having to take care of myself made me want to get into my onesie under a nice big quilt and hide for eternity. At that point I was ready to call it quits – honestly two days into university before class had even started I thought I was doomed and wanted to go home. I didn’t know anyone besides two girls that I went to high school with and I did not think I would meet anyone. This idea always seems strange to me because I was oh so eager to go to a specialized arts school away from my friends for high school but university seemed like this whole other kettle of fish – it really isn’t. Change can mean being thrown into a new environment where you do not know anyone and although it can be nerve-wracking, allow yourself to be put into these situations where you do not know anyone because you are going to be forced to break out of your shell, break out of your routine and that could be just what you need. I find it a lot easier to be in spaces where I do not know anyone know because I have done it so many times. I kept putting myself in these unknown situations and although I panic before entering the space I thank myself for forcing myself to do it because it has generally been very rewarding.

Fast forward to know and I am actively seeking change. I have applied to go abroad for a semester and experience Ireland on my own.  I won’t know anyone going over there, I have no experience with the Irish post-secondary system and I really do not know where I will be staying yet or what to expect. However, the idea of change has become appealing to me. I know that putting myself in this situation will not only help me grow as a person but expose me to a new culture while being able to travel and see another part of the world.  Years ago I would never have expected to be dropping everything and leaving the country for a few months but no I could not be more excited.

These things have been stepping stones. By slowly exposing myself to that that has instilled fear in me in the past, I have been able to experience so many new things I never thought possible. Do not ever let the fear of change stop you – it’s easy to say and hard to do but it’s a lesson you can only learn on your own. Get out there, try something you have been hesitant to do and thank yourself later. Go join that club even though none of your friends want to do it, go take up kick boxing and ignore the fact that you could embarrass yourself because everyone starts somewhere, go on that trip, tell that friend how you feel – change is inevitable. It all depends on how you approach it.


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