Top 3 – Favourite Instagram Photo Editing Apps

If you are like me and love a well-edited photo on Instagram, then you may be well versed in the world of photo editing applications!

I recently traded my Samsung Core in for a well-loved I-phone 5 to test out the photo quality and have been playing around with different photo editing apps so I thought a review might be helpful to fellow Instagrammers!
 SnapseedThe first app I started using with my Samsung and transferred over to my I-phone is Snapseed! What I love about this app is that it has each of your settings along a continuum opposed to specific predetermined  ‘stops’ like what you would see on other apps to be mentioned such as VSCO. Very easy to use, Snapseed editing operates by swiping up and down to select the function you would like to use while swiping left and right to change the value of the editing tool.
-Tune Image (Brightness, Contrast, Ambiance, Highlights, shadows, warmth etc)
– Details (Sharpening/Structure)
– Crop
– Brush (allows you to adjust things like exposure in small areas)
– Selective (similar to brush put it automatically picks the surrounding area based on a  point you pick. You can alter saturation, brightness and contrast)
– Healing (spot treatment for errors in photos)
– Vignette
– Transform (Rotation, vertical/horizontal perspective – similar to some of the transform options in Photoshop)
– Selection of predetermined filters (HDR, Glamour, Tonal Contrast etc.
icon175x175The second app I like to use is VSCO Cam. Popular amongst many Instagrammers, VSCO cam has many predetermined filters that can be used to keep your Instagram within a specific theme. You can also do post processing in addition to a filter or you can scratch the filter and edit specific properties! Although there a full stops for the amount of each editing tool you wish to use, VSCO Cam still allows for a create deal of editing.  You can choose to store your photos offline in VSCO Cam erupts them to your VSCO Cam album for others to follow and view. Overall, this app is very user friendly.
– Many Filters and the ability to download additional filter packages
– Brightness, Contrast
– Rotate, Crop, Perspective
– Sharpen, Clarity, Grain
– Vibrance, Saturation, Tint, Temperature
– Fade
– Shadows/Highlights Save
– Skin tone
– Vignette
– Shadow/highlight colour overlays
I usually use Aviary after I’ve used the other photo editors if I want to do some spot removal in a photo (works quite well) or whiten a background/table etc. Aviary has more of the ‘fun’ edits if that is something you might see yourself using including frames, overlays, stickers and different effects (which you can increase/decrease the level of). Although not my first app to jump to when editing photos, there are features on here that can add a bit of fun to your photos!
– Enhance (Hi-def, food, portrait night)
– Effects (filters)
– Crop
– Adjust (Brightness, exposure, contrast, warmth, saturation etc)
– Orientation
– Text, Draw, Stickers, Frames, Overlays
– Blemish, Whiten, Redeye, Splash (smart colour)
– Blur, Sharpness, Focus

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