When in London – Photo Diary

7 days just simply is not enough when visiting any place in Europe. With miles and miles of history, architecture, art and culture; you really cannot take in everything that you will want to. This is when photos come in for me – I can re-live my trips through my photos and I thought I’d share some with you!

I’m a firm believer in taking in the sites around you in a way that is not through a lens, as you capture a lot more. However, that being said I am also a photographer by nature and can’t help but get a few clicks in every where I go! Writing for a personal blog has that effect on you – every experience is a story to be written and what is a blog post without photographs 🙂

I spent a week in London, in a hotel near Russell Square. If you are planning a trip to the lively city I would suggest this area as it is a little quieter in the evening but central enough that you can visit all the hotspots by two buses at the most. The trip was for pleasure and involved visiting the touristy sites such as Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street and the famous Big Ben (which I was told many times is the Queen’s Clock Tower and only nicknamed Big Ben). I also took a turn down the streets off the beaten path and visited East London’s art district as noted in a recent post, as well as took the train out to Windsor Castle. All in all, I loved London and am hoping my future plans involve living out there for a year.

Now on to what you are here for; a collection of photographs from the trip for your enjoyment and viewing needs! (Click the photos for captions and descriptions of each photo)


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