When in London; Spitalfield Market Day

I know Borough Market and Leadenhall Market are ‘the’ markets to visit when you visit London but I have another to add to your list of places to visit! Introducing Spitalfield Market or ‘Old Spitalfields Market”.

Located in the east end in the Shoreditch area, Spitalfields is a covered market area full of food, fashions, mini shops, make-up, art and so much more! Enclosed by various shops, the inner section of the market is chalk-full of tables set up almost like a flea market! The entire space is covered by a glass roof that lets in the natural, London-cloud-covered light making you feel as if you are in a green house.DSC_0456

I could easily spend a day at the market and surrounding areas due to the variety you are struck with! You see pieces had crafted from artisans ranging from jewelry to screen-print canvas bags. There really is something for everyone! This was probably one of my favourite days just because of the vibe Old Spitalfields holds. You feel as though you are part of a community of artists each wanting to support one another, so I grabbed my camera and my travelling companion and here’s what unfolded throughout the day!

10:30 am – Arrival at Spitalfields so naturally, that means Breakfast!


I got this delicious ham and cheese crepe from crepeaffaire, one of the many breakfast joints in Spitalfields! Had I not inhaled the crepe as soon as I got it, I would have a photo to show you but for now take my word on it! If you want a good breakfast this is the place to be! What was also quite neat about Crepeaffaire was this breakfast cart near the counter where customers could grab a take out bag and pick whichever freshly baked treat they wanted, put it in the bag and bring it to the counter! Saves time as the cashier just has to ring people out for those quick orders.

11:00 am – Time to Browse

As I mentioned a few times before, I was completely captivated by all that Spitalfields had to offer. While wandering around it took all that I had not to get something from each vendor! There were so many unique things that I stumbled across! Women who laser-cut designs into cards so that they had pop-ups in the centre, a graphic designer who put his designs on canvas bags, a photographer that put his photographs on wooden blogs framed to look like Polaroids and much more!


I didn’t end up buying any but there were quite a few dress stalls too! On the right side of the picture below is an example of one! Although not super high quality and seen throughout multiple stalls, the dresses were adorable!DSC_0459

12:00 pm – Walk about East London

If you do visit Spitalfields, don’t restrict yourself to just the market! Take a look at what else East London has to offer! Take a stroll about fashion street and peak in all the graffiti allies. A hipster haven of street art, you may find yourself gazing upon works by Banksy! Off the beaten path but definitely worth your time!CSC_0429




1:00 pm – May I have this dance?

Now this was one of the highlights of the day – an older group of musicians were set up on one side of a circle of chairs. Lining these chairs were various passerby’s and couples as ready for…Dancing! Waltzing together in unison were upwards of 20 couples all enjoying the tunes of the musicians right in the heart of the Spitalfields market! Donations were excepted to raise money for a cancer charity which just made the whole spontaneous event that much better. I stood in awe as I watched the pairs enjoy the afternoon and oh so wished I had known how to dance.


1:30 pm – Lunch

To end of the day at Spitalfields Market, I had a lovely lunch and locally pressed apple juice at Square Pie! Pies were quite a common food in England but these little pies took the cake! There are many different food shops and vendors so you do not have to worry about going hungry should you choose to visit the market!DSC_0460


Overall, I would definitely recommend checking out Old Spitalfields Market should you find yourself in London in the future!

Til’ next time,

Em x


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