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Finding Your Niche

Niche – your thing – the part of you that makes you different, that makes you unique. I have had this idea expressed to me a few times before but I think today it may have finally stuck.

About two months ago I met with a content marketing guru in the city and we chatted about the industry of content marketing and what it means. Of course having someone with such knowledge to speak to, I did what any girl boss kinda girl would do and asked every question I could think of. This fella had the know-hows for the content marketing world and that’s exactly what I needed. I told him that I would love to go into the fashion industry and produce content as I manage a blog whereby most of my posts are dedicated to fashion. And he said something that at the time knocked me down a few pegs but in hindsight helped drive me towards a bigger and better goal; “There are tons of fashion bloggers out there Emily, you don’t want to be just another fashion blogger”. Before he finished his sentence I felt a bit defeated thinking it was true, I really could be just another fashion blogger. He continued on however saying I should mix by interests – he knew I have a background in political science and a passion for history and began saying that maybe I could mix that with fashion and blog about how political eras affected fashion. Although maybe not something I’d particularly be interested in, this fella was on to something.

Fast forward to today during a meeting with my boss. He had asked me what I wanted to be in the future and I told him that I didn’t think I could narrow it down! I mean here’s the thing; I love to take photos and recreate shoots I see in magazines, I obviously love to blog and write whatever my little heart desires but I also enjoy working on websites from the backend and learning HTML and doing website support! I told him that’s multiple jobs so I don’t quite know what to focus on yet – and do you know what he said? “Well maybe that’s a niche that hasn’t been filled yet” – “People might need websites done but they also might need help generating content for the site so that could be something you could do” and right there again I heard that word, ‘niche’.

Now I sit here writing to you about finding your niche. We are so focused on fitting into already existing categories that we get so lost in a world of labels and positions and forget to focus on ourselves and what we are good at. Consequently, we can’t settle down and do what we want to do because we confuse ourselves with all the options and what they entail. Look at what you like to do, toss it together and think about what you as an individual has to offer the world. Break down your interests and see how you can put them together to offer a perspective that is completely different and your own! I love fashion, photography, travelling, trying new things, being happy, enjoying the little things in life, all things artsy – somewhere along the line each of those things will come together and I will have found exactly what my niche is! Anyone figure out what their niche is yet and care to share?

Til’ next time!

Em x


2 thoughts on “Finding Your Niche

  1. Agreed. In the words of Gary Vee…”Stick to your DNA”. You do what you do best naturally and build/focus on that. What you’re not good at, delegate or outsource.

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