Six Tips to Summer Bliss

I’ve never felt more relaxed and happy this summer, and it’s still June. I’ve taken a new approach to my time off, and my life. I’ve decided to do what makes me happy. I’ve been enjoying everyday and these are my tips.

1. Do what YOU want. Seriously, just do whatever it is you want, and happiness will follow. Feeling like eating burritos every night? Go for it. Patio drinks with friends after work? Do it. Do not set limits, go out and enjoy yourself.

2. Spend your free time with people whose company you truly enjoy. No more dinners out of obligation, no half assed friendships- spend time with your people and you’ll enjoy whatever it is you’re doing even if it’s nothing.

3. RELAX. Enjoy the sunshine, read a new book, go for a walk, whatever. All I know is I’m happier in the summer and the sun is part of the reason why, but I also get to have more down time and this is huge.

4. Make plans, and stick to them. What could be better than planning day trips, shopping trips, dinners and movies- it’s always something to look forward too that’ll be sure to get you through the work week.

5. Find fun things to do for free. It’s not always easy to do it all when you or your friends have a budget. Go for hikes, lay by the pool, play cards, go to the beach, there is infinite free activities to fill your calendar up with. Take advantage of them and you’ll find you’re having a great time…for free.

6. Take a moment to appreciate what you have, and what you’re fortunate enough to experience. Take it all in, every little moment is a gift. Appreciating the time you have and the moments you share with your friends and family will make you feel euphoric. There is no greater happiness in life than looking back and smiling at everything you’ve done. Enjoy the moments before they pass, and always live in the present.
Oh and make sure you’re laughing lots too, but that’s obvious.


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