2016 Summer Playlist Inspiration

It’s road-trip season ladies and gents! What does that mean? A need for a lengthy summer time playlist to fill the silence for those long card rides and late nights by the fire! I thought I’d let you in on my favorites for this summer and what makes up my Summer 2016 tunes! Check out my recommendations for a nice mix of new and older! Summertime is the time for nostalgia I think so I’ve got a bit of a mix here from my middle school days and my current jams!

  • Single – Ne-Yo Feat. New Kids on the Block – An oldie (relatively speaking) but a goldie! I love any songs that make me feel fabulous and wanted. It’s one of those songs that you picture a music video in your head where you are the lead lady!

  • Summer Girl – The Stereos – I had the biggest crush on the lead singer of the stereos when I was kid! This tune could be a good example of why!

  • Thunder – Boys Like Girls – This was honestly my JAM in middle school. “Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer’ – makes since that it fits on the summer playlist

  • Book Club – Arkells This is one of those songs that plays in the background of a movie when there are different clips of a couple, spending the summer together at the beach, putting ice cream on each others nose, winning games at the fair – the whole sha bam! It’s just happy-go-lucky!

  • Brother –  Mighty Oaks – This is another happy song! I call it my bouncy song because when it comes on I start bouncing and kicking my feet like they do in the end of footloose

  • My House – Flo Rida – I know this song doesn’t quite fit with the other ones, or maybe it does kinda…. Any who, this song reminds me of my little sister because the first time I heard it she was singing along to it and it was the cutest thing so when I listen to it, I feel happy!

  • The Sound – The 1975 – The song was my anthem during my trip in London! When everyone else was listening to the audio tour I was jamming out to this! Definitely check out the video, it’s quite funny!

  • Oceans – Coasts –  I mean the band is called Coasts….clearly songs for the beach! Upbeat, hipster tunes are the key to a perfect summer playlist

  • Shadows of the Night – Pat Benetar – Maybe it’s just me but I love belting this song. Do you now that scene in 13 going on 30 when Jenna has a sleepover with all the teens in the building and sings along to Love is a Battlefield? That’s me with this song…. WE’RE RUNNING WITH THE SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT, SO BABY TAKE MY HAND IT’LL BE ALRIGHT

  • Glad You Came  – The Wanted – I feel like this was the song of last summer or the one before that…or the one before that but I quite like it! I think of summer abroad, clear blue water beaches, bright coloured bikinis and Pina Coladas! Listening to this on the bus on the way to work makes me forget for a second that I’m going to my desk job opposed to the beach!

What’s on your summer playlist? I’m always up for suggestions!


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