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Update Your Summer Wardrobe on a Budget

If you’re like me you love the thrill of getting new clothes but unfortunately your pockets don’t feel the same joy. As the silk of a new top reaches your finger tips, the 50 dollars leaves your wallet and that temporary love you felt for the new piece is quickly replaced with sorrow for your lack of restraint when it comes to buying clothes. There may be a solution! Buy & Sell, Trade, explore new shopping opportunities!


To update your wardrobe for the summer season without breaking the bank you are going to have to get creative! Follow these steps and you could have new pieces for your summer outfit collection and avoid buyers remorse!

Buy Used – Thrifting

I feel like there are two sides to this coin; some people love the idea of thrifting and since it’s appearance in the media as the ‘hipster’ thing to do, thrifting is no longer taboo. Of course, there are still non-believers and those who don’t like the idea of wearing something someone else has worn countless times before. I align more with the former side of the argument. I’ve been thrifiting since I was about 6 or 7 I believe. The first thrift store I remember setting foot in was Aaron’s Tickle Trunk in Nova Scotia. The clothes were sorted by type in these wooden bin/tables and I got an awesome blue camouflage t-shirt I still remember to this day. Since then I’ve been going to Goodwill (before a majority of them closed down), Value Village, Kind Exchange, and local community thrift sales! If you want to still feel like you’re shopping hit up a thrift store. You can flip through the racks like you do in a retail store and save big bucks.

Buy Used – Buy/Sell Groups

Another option for the thrifty buyer is to look online at Facebook groups! I am part of a local Lululemon buy and sell group as well as a designer buy/sell group in the GTA among many more! You can online shop but generally save quite a bit of money! If you still want your brand name fix but just can’t afford full price you might want to look into specialized Facebook groups because other girls understand your love for the brands and will sell you items at a discounted price! Beware of course when meeting up with strangers and make sure it is in a public area. For extra security bring a friend with you! Also, do not buy online and have things shipped to you in exchange for an e-transfer. The point is to save money here, not potentially lose it through a rip-off online exchange!

Sell Your Old Clothes


If you aren’t wearing it, someone else will! Make room in your closet and add to your wardrobe fund by selling of things you no longer wear! The buy/sell groups mentioned above are good for this as you can just take a picture, write some information and a starting price, and wait for offers to come rolling in! If you want a faster way to make cash look for stores that buy your clothes off of you! You can do a consignment type store whereby you get a portion of money if an item sells or you can look for stores that buy out right! My friend actually introduced me to a chain of stores called Plato’s Closet that can appraise and give you cash for your clothes right there! Generally there will be a wait time but it’s worth it! I sold about ten items last time I went and got 46 bucks for it! I was expecting 20 so I was pleasantly surprised when the cashier told me my total and returned items to me that they wouldn’t except because they were a bit too well loved!



I used to do this all the time before life got in the way; I’d take old clothing that I didn’t quite like anymore and i’d change something about it to make it better! You can revamp old t-shirts with t-shirt DIYs or take your jeans and cut them into cut off shorts! There are so many DIY projects on their on the web that do not include sewing so if that isn’t your strong suit, you still have options! I can remember back when I was younger I used to watch all the clothing re-styling videos posted by Threadbanger (I don’t know if they are active anymore)! Now I once in a while look at videos from DIY bloggers like Laurdiy for ideas.

Less is More

I know you might think the best way to update your wardrobe is to scrap everything and re-do your closet’s contents but sometimes all you need is a few signature pieces that can be mixed and matched! White denim blouse, floral patterned shorts, little black dress – these are all items that can be mixed and matched with various pieces to create a whole new outfit! Check out your favourite instagrammers for inspiration!

So that’s it folks – my summarized version of how to Summer-a-fy your wardrobe without breaking the bank! Learned something you think you are going to try? Do you do any of these things already? Let us know!

Till next time!


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