GOMO – Get Out More Often This Summer

Quick – as of right now what are you going out to do this summer? If you’re list is low or slowly dwindling, we may need to do something about it.
This summer let’s make a pact readers to avoid the fear of missing out (or as some like to call it, FOMO). Instead get out more often (and because rhymes are cool, this is known as GOMO)! You aren’t going to remember the nights you stayed at home watching a movie  , but you sure will remember the late night you spent out on the town with your old friends. I’m not saying going out has to mean spending money either! If you check out sites like Eventbrite there are hundreds of listings that can be separated by area, type of event, and of course price (and believe me when I say there are tons of free ones). These things don’t have to be planned either; I’ve slowly come out of my shell and come to learn that impromptu plans are A-OK! It’s okay to not plan everything days in advance! It’s okay to not know every step of the way what you’re doing! It’s okay to fly by the seat of your pants!

Create you're own adventure
“It’s okay to not know every step of the way what you’re doing”

So what next? You’ve decided to make the most of your summer and stop saying ” what if” and “I wish I did..”. Hop online and check Eventbrite, Facebook events in your area, your local paper, and find something you’re interested in! Talk to some friends who might be interested but also don’t be afraid of going alone. The perfect chance to meet new people is showing up to an event alone. You could also plan things for you and your friends or if you’re interested you can plan your own event you can do it through Eventbrite! It’s kinda cool I mean you could make an event, manage the event online, have online tickets (there’s an online box office!!!), track the event in real time, and get the word out about it – all through Eventbrite!   Don’t wait ‘until you’re older’ or ‘until next summer’ – make things happen this year, get out, and enjoy the summer!

Now if you’re like me and local to Toronto, here are some events I’m looking into for this summer to make sure it is one of the best!

Summer in the Six

Summer in the six

7 hours of concerts, variety of mostly Canadian artists, lots of food, Canada Day give-aways and a perfect photo opportunity for that scrapbook you’ve been meaning to start!

Meghan Patrick Live in Concert (Part of Canadan Pavilion/Fiesta Week)

megan band

This concert is actually part of a week long Fiesta week event with events themed from countries around the world! So basically as a student, for 5$ you get admission to all these different events throughout the week! If money is stopping you from doing things this summer, look for charitable events like this one (not-for-profit event) or community events where the admission price might be lower.

Open Farm 2016


In the heart of Toronto in Downsview Park, experience farm flow yoga, local craft beer, live music, a farmers market, green house tours and more! For the environmental enthusiast, bohemian chicas or anyone that is just looking for a relaxing day out! I’m excited for group yoga outside – time to finally crack out the yoga mat for the outdoor season!!


What are you planning for the summer?


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