My Week in Snapshots May 29th – June 4th

I want to try this new thing – you see readers I tend to take a lot of photos in a day, and consequently many in a week. Very rarely do I have anything to do with these photos other than look them over once and put them in storage on my laptop never to be looked at again! Hence, why I am bringing you this today – my week in snapshots!

I figure it is great to look over the photos I take myself as I love reminiscing and saving memories but what could possibly be even better is sharing them with you. Letting you in on the little workings of my daily life and how much (or how little) I accomplish! (It really depends on the day, sometime Netflix and popcorn call my name and I simply cannot resist). So starting today, and hopefully lasting quite some time, I introduce a new segment for your viewing pleasure; my week in snapshots!

Aviary Photo_131096048053791455
Loving the little M on the bun!
Aviary Photo_131096047030418049
Photo-shoot with the beautiful Tasneem (more photos to come in a later post so stay tuned!)
Aviary Photo_131096047237372737
Beautiful day near Georgian Bay! (Shoes from Spring!)
Aviary Photo_131096047551349093
Little deer on the side of the road as I was driving up through the countryside
Aviary Photo_131096048471671861
Beautiful Albion Falls in Hamilton!
Aviary Photo_131096054072073059
I, for some reason like taking photos of where I am with my current footwear, which in this case was nothing !
Aviary Photo_131096052108537061
Set up for a beauty shoot!
Aviary Photo_131096048818811403
Ending off the weekend right with boat rides and old friends ❤


Like this post an interested in seeing more? Comment below with your favourite photo of this weeks post!

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3 thoughts on “My Week in Snapshots May 29th – June 4th

  1. I love this!!! Maybe I’ll make one of these posts one day! I have to find the place that will put an “m” on my bun!!!!


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