Master Your Work Week in Style

The common misconception is that you can’t be fashionable at work. I cannot tell you where this came from but a 9-5 desk job does not equate to a borrowing dress pants and a dress shirt with your comfy Mary Janes. 

I personally love dressing up for work – I like to throw on a pair of wedges with a carefully planned outfit (makes me feel like I am working at Vogue as a creative director opposed to a digital assistant and an academic institution). Now, I’m not knocking the dress shirt thing but I like to take a more casual take on the classic shirt by pairing it with jeans for casual fridays! Paired with jeans and nude heals, bring a new take to the classic work outfit!

Casual Friday Depending on your workplace dress policy you may not be able to get away with sightly distressed jeans so feel free to switch it up with different skinnies! I paired this outfit with nude heels to dress up the outfit a little bit but still remain casual by not adding any colour or large detailed piece!

Casual Friday

Keeping with the theme of button ups, I really do adore this army green, satin style blouse from Dynamite. Co-blogger of Creative and Chaos Sara actually bought me this shirt as a surprise on a shopping trip a little over a year ago and it is a piece in my closet I couldn’t live with out! DSC_0025

Paired with my black Guess dress pants (complete with an 80’s style pleated feature) , studded black wedges, and a white moto-style jacket also from Dynamite, this outfit is perfect for work and can easily transition to a wearable night-out ensemble as well!  DSC_0040

Last, but certainly not least, is a simple dress and chunky necklace combo. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try different necklaces and shapes for your work dresses. I stumbled across this teal gem and H&M last week love the way it compliments brown hair. It is beautiful in its simplicity and easy to dress up or down!


What’s nice about high collared shirts and dresses is that you can wear a choker and mid-length chunky necklace with it and that is really all you have to do! You immediately take a simple a-line dress or simple turtleneck to the next level by adding a big of glam to it! I paired this dress with a spiked, chunky necklace and a pair of black flats to keep the outfit perfect for work! When hemlines are a bit shorter I would also suggest tights underneath (which is what I wore this with to work) and also to avoid heels as they give the illusion of a dress being shorter!

What are your go to outfits for work?



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