Inspiration – Fashion/Beauty Instagrams to Follow

In the millennial age Instagram is used by many. From sharing what you ate, to reunions with old friends, Instagram gives a peak into the lives of people all over the world. My personal favourites are fashion and beauty accounts that can serve as an inspiration for daily looks. Below are a collection of a few Instagram accounts to check out ranging from bloggers to models to make-up artists!

Gigi Hadid


If you know me there is no surprise that one of my favourite models is Gigi Hadid. Gorgeous, down-to-earth and an all around lovely vibe, Gigi’s Instagram features casual day-to-day outfits, glam cover shoots and so many more diverse photos that showcase new and timeless trends.

Aspyn Ovard Ferris

Lifestyle blogger & Vlogger Aspyn showcases her daily outfits around the world in some of the most gorgeous and creative places! If I am looking for inspiration for pastels and dresses I generally hop on over to Aspyn’s Instagram and see what she has posted!


Shay The MUA

At only 19 this make-up artist has the skills of someone who has been doing make-up for years! With featured products ranging from Colour Pop and Lush to Tom Ford and Kat Von D, Shayena’s beauty Instagram has inspiration suitable for anyone! When I’m looking for inspiration for a big night out, this Instagram is the first one I hit!


Eugenie Grey (Feral Creature)

Fashion, beauty and travel blogger Eugenie Grey never fails to disappoint! I stumbled across her Instagram a few months ago and have visited it every day since. Not only at the photos of amazing quality but the carefully put-together, eclectic outfits inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and try something new – I know I have!


Sabo Skirt (Thessy & Yiota)

I know, I know – brands should not really count in this inspiration haul but I could not leave Sabo Skirt out. This Australian based brand knows how to work neutrals and pastels and mix style with comfort. I fell in love with the pieces in these collections and the arrangement of photos on their Instagram as soon as I saw it!sabo


Any favourites you can add to the list?


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