Fashion File – Chokers

As quoted by miss Taylor Swift “maybe chokers are the new flower crowns”. Lately this 90’s fashion trend has made a re-appearance in the jewelry boxes and on the necks of many. It is not hard to see why. Chokers can bring an instant edginess to any outfit and are extremely versatile.

Worn by the likes of Gigi Hadid, Behati Prinsloo and so many more, these chokers are coming back and spreading like wild-fire. As an accessory, chokers can be added to a simple outfit to play it up a bit, or to a glam outfit to add a bit of edge. Very few accessories can bridge the gap between street wear and formal wear but chokers are doing just that.

Behati Prinsloo takes are more casual approach wearing this choker with her street wear at the airport (
Gigi Hadid rocks this glam choker for an evening out  (

They are also a trend that is easily affordable sweeping stores such as Forever 21 and many artistry inspired ETSY shops online as well. Worn by the wealthy as early as 1970, this trend has come in and out of fashion meaning something different each time. Most commonly in high fashion, chokers were a symbol of wealth for the French, royals and other groups. This however does not include the vast use of chokers both negatively and positively in other areas of history. What do you think; are chokers a yay that are here to stay for a bit or are they a brief lapse in fashion judgement?

Here are some of my favourites that I stumbled upon!

To purchase:
Double Suede Choker from Higher Ground Jewelry
Triple Stand Black Choker from East Village Co
Odessa Choker from Free People
Faux Stone Velvet Choker from Forever 21

(Images not property of Creative&Chaos and are from respective stores/collections)


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