Skinny Mint Tea Review

The advertisements were popping up everywhere and I kept thinking about trying it so I did – Ladies and Gentlemen; let us embark on a debrief of my trial of the Skinny Mint teatox! 

To be more specific, the SkinnyMint Teatox that I tried  was the 14 day Starter Teatox which included 14 Morning Boost teas and 7 Night Cleanse teas. The Night Cleanse teas I took every other night as instructed and those were the teas that included a gentle laxative. I’ll give you a bit of insight on the teas and my experience in sections;

The Taste

The morning tea was by far my favourite of the two. I felt like I was drinking a regular herbal tea and it was easy to just sip in the morning while checking my social media. The evening tea however would not be my first choice of a tea. I know it may seem rather dumb that I am complaining about this but, the tea was just too minty! For an evening tea, I feel like the flavour should have been more subtle. Although not an awful tea, I did have to drink the tea in big gulps to get it down otherwise I would have just set it aside and forgot about it! Overall score for taste :7.5


The Packaging 

Whoever does Skinny Mint’s marketing is doing a great job. I mean I was enticed to spend around 50/60 bucks including shipping for a Teatox so that’s already a good sign! The packaging is just as effective as the marketing. Its clean, bright and simplistic in the best way.  I felt good about getting the tea and anticipated greatness every time I took a little tea bag out of the packaging. Even the teabags themselves were adorable and made off this mesh material that is less likely to break than the traditional tea bags, so I liked that too. Overall score for packaging/marketing: 10

The Results

Let me start off by first saying that I was not aware you were supposed to exercise and eat super healthy while doing a teatox until after the fact so I honestly did not have any big changes. I also have a naturally fast metabolism so that also accounts for the fact that I didn’t see any drastic change around my tummy. The first few days I thought the tea was working; I noticed I wasn’t bloated as much and the night cleanse was certainly doing it;s job (I won’t go into more detail than that). After about day 4 or 5 however, my body was not feeling Skinny Mint tea anymore. My stomach got poofy and I noticed reverse effects. For full disclosure here, I already have a sensitive tummy and tummy problems, so doing a Skinny Mint tea with these already-present issues probably wasn’t the brightest idea but I thought id try it! In my experience, the tea didn’t quite work. I quit with 4 days left as I felt continuing would have made my body hate me but I’m not knocking Skinny Mint! Maybe if I had a better stomach and changed my diet and exercise regimen, I would have seen a difference. I’ve seen many success stories  (part of the reason I tried it) so by all means try it (or don’t, up to you!). If you do, or if you have tried Skinny Mint or another type of teatox ; please let me know your experiences! Overall score for results: 5





2 thoughts on “Skinny Mint Tea Review

  1. Teas that contain laxatives really are not good for you to drink regularly. Even “natural laxatives” should not be routinely consumed. I wish people understood this. It is one thing to drink a tea with something like senna in it once and a while to help to be regular. But those teas can be really damaging. I think your body was really giving you the right idea.


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