My Addiction to Online Shopping (But not Purchasing)

You read it right. I have a passion and addiction for online shopping but very rarely do I actually ever buy anything. Compare it to… let’s say..window shopping?

We live in a consumer society – we are programmed to buy, buy, buy, and to have ‘things’. I may have succumbed to the love of nice things but I’ve found a way to control it (most times)! Or rather, a way has found me. It first started with looking at clothing stores online and browsing all the wondrous things I’d like to own. I’d browse Etsy, Aritzia, Lululemon, Forever 21, a whole range of high-end to affordable stores and pick out things I’d love to have. I soon progressed to looking at the sale section and putting them in my online cart – I’d contemplate whether or not I should get it, because I mean I had the ability to do it and that 15 dollar skirt is such a good deal. However, when it came to putting my info in, I just couldn’t put those extra dollars on the good ol’ plsatic.

I then moved towards joining the clothing Buy&Sell groups on Facebook and stalking Craiglist & Kijiji’s closet sales. I’d see the EUC abbreviation on my size, lulu leggings in my area for 30 dollars and a big part of me would say, “Come on Emily, that is such a good deal that you cannot pass up”. At the same time the other part of my brain would be scolding me saying “Emily, that is 2 and a half hours of work for a pair of pants when you could go buy those groceries you desperately need”.  The good news? I have only gone through with one purchase through these groups and it was for a Christmas present – bad news? I feel like I am that person giving people false hope with my “likes” and comments asking how much! I’ve even had to encounters were I am interested and message the individual inquiring further about the item, but my sense kicks in and I cancel it! It’s awful, I know – but I swear it only happened twice!

In closing, online shopping (but not purchasing) still provides the thrill of shopping without the spending of the minimum-wage paychecks we get! I’ll share with you a couple of my favourites:   Forever 21 & I always check out second-hand type pages like Kijiji & Craigslist ! Of course you can always check out Facebook and your local niche Buy&Sell Groups!


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