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Enjoying the Rainy Days

It seems quite common among my friends, acquaintances and colleagues to hold a certain distaste for rainy days. They see the grey clouds, the wet and muddy ground ,so they get the overwhelming feeling of the rainy day blues. I don’t. Every time I step out of my front door and it is a ‘gloomy’, rainy day I am suddenly back in Paris. I’ve returned to last April, with bread in my hand and a camera on my arm, walking the streets of France.

Am I the only one who does that? I live in a place for school that really is not that interesting to me. I very rarely find interesting architecture or nice parks to walk through so most days I imagine I am somewhere else. The bus I hop on to get to campus, is the train I took to Palace of Versailles. That’s how I view it. I live in my head sometimes I guess. Maybe that is why rainy days don’t really bother me. I’ve managed to convince myself that every rainy day is a day trip out in the Parisian streets. Yes – I may be on my way to learn about Canadian law but I feel as though I am going back to the Arc de Triumph.

So for those of you who dread the rainy weather, the thought of getting your feet wet and the grey colour of the sky; let me take a moment to enlighten you on the ways I enjoy it!

  1. Stop to smell the roses; it’s one of my goals on my plan to happiness this year but also completely relevant in terms of enjoying rainy days, Look past the fact that it is raining and think about the little things around you; the little girl jumping in every puddle and splashing her mom, the beautiful and unique umbrellas, the smell of rain, reading a book by the window and listening to the sound. This brings me to my next point.
  2. Listen; you do not have to go outside when it is raining, I’m not suggesting that but you can enjoy the beauty of rain from the window! Some days I will just pull out a good book or my guitar and sit beside the window just listening. Acoustic folk songs and rain flow perfectly together so if you haven’t tried it, I’d highly suggest it. Yoga by rain is very relaxing too
  3. RAIN BOOTS – I don’t like wet feet either so I take the precautions to keep the ol’ feet warm and dry! The boots do not have to be hunters, Walmart has some stellar designs and Sears has knockoff Hunters if you really want the style but , like me, can’t put down the cash for a hundred-dollar pair of boots!

Those are my thoughts but what do you think? Any other tips for enjoying the rainy days? Is it wrong to live in your head sometimes?


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