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It’s the little things in life

Warm cookies

I realized something important this evening . It really is the little things in life that matter. As I’m writing this  I’m laying in my cozy bed in my room lit up by white string lights and listening to I Choose You as it plays out the speaker in the washroom as my roommate takes the shower. Why am I telling you this? Simply because it was a little thing that made me feel calm. It made me feel happy and I think that is something I haven’t felt in a long time.

It seems we get so caught up in the future and the negative occurrences of day-to-day life, that we forget to be happy. We forget to just be. I forgot what it was like to blast music and jump around and dance without a care in the world. I did that tonight, I danced to loud music with two of my friends and existed there in that moment without a care in the world. How fortunate am I that I can lose all my insecurities, all my stress, all the weight on my shoulders even if it is just for that small moment. It’s these small moments; these little things that we should live for.

Thinking about it now there are many little pleasures in life that are overlooked when we dwell on all that is going wrong in our lives. I’m guilty of it, and heavily! I still haven’t quite figured it out yet – I haven’t quite worked out how to be truly, inexplicably, happy again but I’ll let you know when I do. Until then I feel I should mention the little things, the things that count to me and maybe they resonate with you too ;

  1. Coming home to your family after weeks apart and feeling the warmth and love as soon as you walk through the front door. You know you’ve missed them but it didn’t register until now just how much
  2. Waking up in the morning and realizing you’ve been cuddled up to your partner all night and neither of you have moved at all. You realize in that moment just how lucky you are to be able to see that face every morning
  3. Going to the cupboard and realizing you actually didn’t eat the last chocolate bar so you’ve got a sweet snack
  4. The bus arrives just as you get to the stop – no need to wait in the cold today
  5. The barista gave you a grande instead of a tall and apologizes to you as if it was a bad thing – you couldn’t be happier and in fact thank them for the slip-up
  6. Walking into your room after a cold, brisk walk and feeling like you just got a warm hug from your comforter
  7. Those odd mornings where you actually get to sleep in!
  8. Warm, freshly baked cookies
  9. The funny Snapchats you get from your family that allow you to feel like you are home with them
  10. Your song comes on and the friend/family member next to you is prepared to duet with you

Appreciate the little things – sometimes it just takes a little shift in focus to turn your whole mood around!


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