Why the Holidays should be nicknamed “Stress-i-days”

With the beginning of December upon us, the holiday festivities have begun. In between all that merry caroling and the loving time spent with your friends and families , the stress builds up without us knowing. But why? What about the holidays makes people like you and me want to pull their hair out?

For many people, the holidays bring gatherings with old friends and distant family. In short, this means get-togethers with people who didn’t hear you lost your job last month or that your relationship with your high-school sweet heart ended like the finale to a TV series that ran too long (very badly).  Nine times out of ten you are going to be discussing the bump in the road you thought you wouldn’t have to bring up again only now you a re-hatching it in front of a dozen people (Oh Joy!)

With each of those get-togethers comes a full calendar. You want to go out, sleep, go to work, complete all your daily tasks AND not upset friends and family by missing dinners and parties? You might have to pick and choose which means that those daily showers and 8 hour sleeps may suffer for the month! It can be stressful trying to tackle all the commitments Christmas has to offer but a good calendar can ease the burden of it all! I’d suggest whatever notification app you have built into your phone but Google Calendar works wonders as well!

Parties and dinners are amazing for so many reasons. The interaction with old and new friends, the drinks, the food but some of those things can also be the source of stress . Guilty stress. Those sweets can be oh so good but oh so bad. I don’t know about you but after tossing back 30 sugar cookies, 4 pieces of pie and just about every mini pastry I can get my hands on, I start to feel bad about not registering for January work-out classes. I can’t say I won’t indulge this year but I may consider getting back into jogging  come 2016.

The final thing on my list of stresses is money. I have a habit of wanting to spoil the ones I’m close to and those that mean the most to me but I tend to over-estimate the amount of funds left over after rent, school and food! This leaves me in a panic during the week prior to Christmas when I’m waiting for a paycheck to finish my last gift! This year I plan to plan it all out in advance before I purchase anything : what crafting materials I need, how much the sweater I want to buy my little sister will cost etc. Maybe I won’t have to stress out about rushing around this year!


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