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Artist Profile – Bronté Mirriah Stanfield – Model/Artist

“My passions are my personality”.

This week’s artist profile is dedicated to model/actress/artist Bronté Mirriah Stanfield! Not only is she working with handmade crafts and products from around the world on the daily but she is also actively involved in the artistic world of modeling and acting. Interested in finding someone who is down-to-earth yet still part of the commonly titled ‘materialistic” world of fashion to read about? Then search no further! To prevent this introduction from becoming one of those “say nothing by over-speaking” scenarios, and without further ado ,I’ll leave you with the wise words of Bronte!


Emily: How did you get involved in the modeling industry? Was there a catalyst moment that sparked your interest?

Bronte: Growing up I was always told by family and family friends that, due to my height, I should look into modelling. I never took this seriously until about a year ago. I always worried that modelling would cause body image issues, as so much emphasis is put on its negative repercussions. So I kept wary. However, when I had done a little modelling for friends I found that I really enjoyed it and it actually made me feel free (keep in mind this is when I didn’t have to go to “go-sees”). My brother was signed with Sherrida Modelling Agency; therefore, it seemed like a great starting point for me also.


Emily: What kind of art captures your interest most? Is there a particular medium that you really enjoy?

Bronte: Acting 100%. I have, since I was very little, loved to perform in front of anyone who was willing to watch. I would mock accents, voices in cartoons, sing, play guitar (not well I will add), and even put on little plays that I made up. The idea of it becoming a career didn’t occur to me until High school, where I found that acting could be practiced and learned. Before that I always thought people on television were just magical; had some special talent-like it was unobtainable. So I was so excited to find that I too could have that kind of career if I was determined enough to learn the craft.


Emily: How do you balance the pressures of the acquisitive world of fashion and modeling with the holistic, artistic way of life?

Bronte: This is something that I’m actually coming up against now. People with money (corporations, producers, directors, photographers) want to employ other “artists” that already show how much they are worth (through their income). As a young actress/model starting out it is so difficult to break that barrier unless you come from a family which has that label; that name.

Another example of this is when people, who want to break into the industry, try to decide where to live: “NYC or Los Angeles”. And to me that is a great defining factor of whether you’re in it for art or money. New York is extremely artistic, people are always doing whatever it takes to be seen, heard, taken seriously. In Los Angeles it’s about appearance, how you are seen physically. But don’t get me wrong, the world is run by money and therefore you need it in order to make it. The real challenge is to not lose the art and the passion amongst the money and greed.


Emily: You are a member of the vegan community; do you get to be involved in any modeling/fashion work that relates to that?

Bronte: I’d love to take part in any positive Vegan corporation, but I have yet to encounter any opportunities as an actor/model. I say “positive” because as a vegan I can only educate others who are willing to hear what I have to say. I will never push my ideals on others, and I recognize that there are so many people who just jump to preaching their reasons and opinions. For me it is about being open also. This is my lifestyle, I expect people to respect it, just as I will respect theirs.


Emily: If you had to sum up yourself and your interest in 2-3 sentences, how would you do it?

1) My passions are my personality.
2) Intelligence, courage, and compassion will take you a long way in life.
3) Giving up is not an option.

Image 1

Emily: What is an artistic movement you would like to participate in? Has any global art movement really sparked your interest?

Bronte: There are a lot of movements I think are incredibly important; too many to name, in fact. I wouldn’t necessarily say they are “artistic movements” per-say, but art is subjective that way. Public speaking can be considered an art, which is done at all public events; singing, dancing, painting, drawing, acting, designing, etc. There are so many mediums and they can all be applied to these movements. To give an idea, the kind of movements I participate in include the following topics: Feminism, Veganism, LGBT, Fighting Against Mental Illness and the Stigma, Volunteering at Animal Shelters (falls under Veganism), etc.


Emily: Are there any shows or work that you’ve done that has really impacted you? A pivotal moment perhaps that made you think ‘I love what I do”?

Bronte: All the work I have done I have enjoyed and been so thankful to be a part of. Every time I am in front of the camera, learning or working, I leave at the end of the day with this kind of “high”; a renewed form of self-elation. And I always look forward to the next project. When I am acting, I feel more like myself than any other moment. That may sound like a bit of an oxymoron; you may think “well, that’s strange because aren’t you being someone else? A Character?” And the answer is: no. At least not entirely. To act is to be as open and vulnerable as possible. It’s allowing myself to be someone else, something else. Maybe it isn’t an obvious element, but being an actor, I have been and continue to be subjected to a lot of deep, sometimes overwhelming and new feelings and emotions, scenarios, etc. Because of this, every role played becomes a tiny piece of me, and vice versa; a part of me is left behind in that room, in that space after I leave. At least that’s what I believe.

Emily: How did you start working at a global arts and crafts store featuring handmade products from around the world? What is one of your favourite parts about working there?

Bronte: I applied to Tribal Voices because I believe in all things Natural, such as Crystal Healing, Tarot Cards, etc. And it’s also a very multicultural shop, which not many people experience or enjoy. It’s amazing all the different kinds of people I have met and continue to meet trough my employment with T.V. Because it is also in the more touristy part of my town, I am not just seeing the faces of those who live around the corner, but people from all over the world. I love being subjected to the many different belief systems, lifestyles, as well as hearing the accents and dialects…I truly appreciate these things in life…it’s quite incredible.


Emily: If you had to give advice to someone wanting to get involved in the modelling world, what would you tell them?

Bronte: Have confidence in yourself! No one else is going to give that to you. It’s such a tough industry to break into and I am not a professional model but I have been to go-sees, auditions, I have worked on professional sets, etc., and people are always going to have an opinion of you based on their own perception of “beauty”. But that’s art. It is subjective. Just think of yourself as a gorgeous canvas-ALREADY PAINTED. You are NOT blank. And if one person likes another painting, it’s okay. It doesn’t mean you are less, it doesn’t mean you weren’t cut out for this. Just keep moving on and breaking down those walls. Don’t forget who you are in the process and have as much fun as possible!


*All photos courtesy of Bronte’s Instagram & Facebook Fan Page*


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