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Booze & Pancakes 2015

If you see a Facebook invite to a “Booze & Pancakes” art show with a green and black, comic-like graphic design what is your reaction going to be? HELL TO THE YES! Last weekend Sara and I embarked on a lovely evening trip to the scenic, historical, indie venue of The Opera House in downtown Toronto to attend what I think might be an annual event? At least I certainly hope it is…

The concept was this; any artist could submit their work. This could include photography, painting, graphic design, multimedia, jewelry, house-hold item decorating, clothing, drawing, sculpting even a couple indie DJs too! It wasn’t a very large space but I kind of liked the ora of close-knit artists that you got as soon as you stepped inside.

20151023_211000The big archway you see above was what framed the stage and you could walk in front of it to watch the current DJ work his magic (which was super cool).

One of the highlights of the evening for me was these two Toronto-based artists who go by the name of eyze (here’s to hopping I can interview them for the blog πŸ˜‰ ). Basically what happened was I fell in the love with the designs as soon as I saw them, one in particular stood out and I knew I had to have it regardless of the fact that it would officially be the most expensive shirt I had even bought for myself! (Think of it like a piece of collectible art, those things are priceless and I’d rather by that than some brand-name shirt everyone else has)!. So I ask for a small and because I clearly have the worst luck in the universe, they were out..! You will not believe what happened next:

One of the artists said “Okay, so I just put this one on I swear and if you want you can have it because it is the last small…”. We went back and fourth with me saying “I don’t want to buy it right of you and leave you without a shirt” and her saying “It’s okay I’ll toss on another one, honestly” until I said okay and she took it off and handed it to me. That is dedication to sales and art my friends! This purchase was totally worth it:

DSC_0413Sara took this lovely photo, I’m so proud :’)

All in all it was a fabulous night. We stayed at the art show for a little over an hour and half, got some cool business cards, reconnected with some old friends and grabbed a bite to eat after! Check out some of the photos from the night!


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