Top Ten Fridays

Top ten Fridays

I’ve decided to try this new segment and every Friday I will try (note that “try”) to post a quick top ten list of my favourite things for the week, day, or upcoming weekend ( if I am anticipating awesomeness)

So My top ten faves for this week;

1- Freddicino Fridays at Coffee Culture; I’ve had a few this week! The barista at the coffee culture i go to knows me and my order and I usually get a small white chocolate mocha! She recently suggested I try it cold and i am in love so when Freddicino Friday comes around and i can get it for 2.33 i’m golden!

2- The Hills- The Weeknd. There’s mixed reviews about the Weeknd, this I know. The songs can be derogatory, crude and sometimes downright blunt but; the beat is always good and with this specific song I’m ready for the day after a small dance party while getting ready in the mornin’

3- Soft Black Slouchy Pants; Got them on sale for ten bucks and it was one of the best purchases i’ve made all month. They are so comfortable
Sluchy pant

4- Winged Eyeliner- I feel like a boss. Except when I cheap out on mascara and my eyelashes look a wee bit short…
my eye

5-Paypal and Ebay – I did a couple of design gigs and got paid through Paypal. I have no desire  to link it to a bank account and am not in the states so a check isn’t an option…only thing to do is shop online…shopping it is!!!

6- Bralettes; One of the greatest gifts to humanity. Especially when Aerie has them on sale for ten dollars! 10 is my golden number this week I guess

7- The angry dog and cat photos my co-worker sent me this week. I was also informed her favourite grumpy cat whom she met, now has a new rival; a grumpy dog named Earl
grumpy dog

8- Drones; got to be part of a cool drone shot this week and that thing is pretty sick. Did I think I was going to lose my head once or twice? Yeah, but it was still pretty neat

9- Baby pink, baby blue and white in blog layouts! If you havent checked her stuff out, I follow the DIY blogger Mr.Kate and her layout has those colours in it and it looks FANTASTIC. Here’s two little examples of blue,pink and white awesomeness:

blue and pink2Blue and pink1

10- The sarcasm and quirky retorts from my web developer co-worker. I have to make sure the site is accessible to everyone and frequently bother him to do a few things for me on the site & I get this “Like, what are you, the spokeswoman of accessibility for the galaxy? Jeez.” Keeps work interesting


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