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Realizing you know nothing..

As you get older you become wiser, through personal experience and because you begin to understand things you didn’t before- like war, famine and politics. When you’re young you learn the basics, things like how to count, tell time, you learn things like manners and respect. The problem isn’t that you learn these social skills, it’s that so much focus is spent just on that.

We’re taught to share, but we watch plenty go without. We’re taught to respect, yet many are disrespected. We’re taught to love, yet there is too much hate.

Yes, we learn these valuable lessons but what’s missing is what happens when we do the opposite. If you don’t respect others, turmoil arises – racism, sexism, discrimination are all invited into our society and our lives. If we don’t share, greed takes over- we watch plenty suffer and do nothing about it. If this immense disrespect exists, well than, we might as well give up because disrespect creates deep rooted hatred between people, countries, and it literally does no good.

Respect eachother, respect ones choices provided they are not harmful, respect others decisions to work the job they want, to choose their own religion, marry who they want, and live their life how they want. Just as you want them to respect your choices.

The older I get, the more information I try to surround myself with whether it’s political, environmental, social, economic, any kind of information about the world I live in.

I realized I know absolutely nothing about anything that’s important. Until now. I pretended to know, but I really didn’t.

I can tell you that growing up, I saw things, things like 9/11 but I never understood it, I’m a Canadian and I feel incredibly sheltered by the outside world. This is not because I don’t have access, but because there was never any encouragement to learn. I’ve taken an interest in documentaries, particularly that of Vice News.

My world has completely changed, I now understand what’s going on in places like India, Ukraine, North Korea, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. This is real news. Real people talking to real people and getting the truth right in the heart of the issues. I understand racism, sexism, hate, religious wars, terrorism, cultural divides, environmental issues. More importantly I now know that these issues exist, day to day and that the issues in North Korea do effect me, as a human being. The turmoil between the U.S and Russia, could seriously impact my life as we enter the new Cold War.

So why do I not hear about it? Why is my news feed plastered with the Kardashians, celebrities and the drama in reality TV?

At a point in our lives we need to decide, do we care enough about the right things? Do we even know anything that’s going on, other than our sensationalized news stations feeding us their version of whatever is going on? Or the lack of, and instead the “ignorance is bliss” attitude that fills our channels with reality TV, and other garbage.

I’ve learned through my education that good news, credible and factual information is hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Empowering the right people and the right information has become so obviously important. There is a huge correlation between information about the issues in the world and the way we feel, see and think about that world, the one we live in. Of course I realize it’s not that easy, there are three sides to everything and there is never a simple answer.

All I know is that we can’t keep under educating ourselves on the bigger issues out there, and we can’t continue to rely on our sensationalized Monday night news to teach us about racism, war, culture, terrorism and the environment. We also can’t rely on the Kardashians to teach us much about anything, not because they don’t have the information or because their irrelevant, but because it’s really not their jobs or why they’re so famous.

I realized I knew nothing, so I uneducated myself, I explore all sides to every situation and I feel more empowered to make a difference in the world because I do this.

This generation needs to be educated, because today’s problems will predict our future, and our generation will be left to fix the future problems that are a direct effect of today’s cause.

We can’t just bury ourselves in watching the extravagant lives of others and expect the world to exist perfectly.

It’s not normal, and it will never happen.


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