Having a Love Hate Relationship with the Gym 

Growing up I was an active kid, I literally played every sport. Hockey, soccer, dance, figure skating, swimming, cheerleading, lacrosse, karate, gymnastics and then some. I was blessed with a pretty good metabolism, and I’m still pretty lucky. However, since quitting an active lifestyle my metabolism can’t keep up with my years of beer and pizza. So I joined a gym. 

The thought of going to the gym makes me want to binge watch Netflix and eat an entire tub of ice cream to myself, which I then almost instantly regret. Why is it so hard to stick to a gym routine? I’m not a fan of my body, but I just can’t seem to commit to a positive routine that will allow myself to live a healthier lifestyle.

I pay my monthly fee to the gym that I hardly use, but when I do go I feel amazing. So why can’t I just go every day? Why is it such a hassle to make myself get on the elliptical or lift some weights.

I blame food. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s pretty hard to eat healthy these days. Late for class? Go to Tim Hortons. Work later than expected?there’s a drive through for that. Unhealthy toxic garbage people refer to as food, you know the plastic cheese on your happy meal burger, is more accessible and it’s convenient, so we like it. However, without a healthy diet you are guaranteed to be less successful at the gym.

Besides my inability to eat healthy, blamed solely on my lazy attitude for not wanting to spend time in the kitchen,  I’ve developed the habit of starting my day with a coffee and only a coffee. I make the mistake of not eating when I wake up and well, sometimes I go until dinner before I eat. So when I do eat, I’m so hungry that I go out and I order the biggest greasiest most possible calories shoved into one meal that I can find on the menu. This, oh boy, this is so not healthy.

So why does my bad eating habits make it hard to go to the gym? Well simply put, my diet makes me feel horrible. I’m sluggish, lazy and often hungry. No one wants to workout when they’re hungry. They just don’t.

My advice, which I’ve decided to start listening to myself is to do meal preparations for the week. I was my healthiest when I prepared my weekly meals because I had healthy options readily accessible when I had busy on-the-go days and I wasn’t resorting to the 1.89$ menu at Wendy’s between classes. Also, don’t eat out at restaurants as much and if you do be health conscious there are plenty of healthy options and not just the usual loaded cheeseburger with a side poutine. Last but not least, AVOID FAST FOOD, even if it tastes like heaven it’s actually more like hell- especially on the thighs, and let’s be honest here, you never feel good after Macdonalds.

All joking aside there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be a Victoria Secret model or a body builder. However, eating healthy sure makes you feel a hell of a lot better than that entire bag of chips or that happy meal you just inhaled on your drive home- and it makes working out actually worth it.

Love your body whichever way it looks, Jiggles, or doesn’t – but I suggest caring enough about it to live a healthy lifestyle, and that might mean something different to everyone but good food and exercise should be a part of that idea.

Just put in the extra effort of preparing healthier meals and it will become just as easy as going through the drive through, except you’ll feel better.

Oh and don’t forget, you’re allowed to have a few cheat days here and there!

But like moma always says “eat your vegetables”



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