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Fem-in-ism /ˈfeməˌnizəm/

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Feminism, a movement created to end the inequality of women in political, economic and social settings and in addition acts on behalf of the interests and rights of women worldwide.

So why do other movements with opposite ideologies such as “women against feminism” exist? What has driven the shift in attitude and beliefs?

To note, a brief disclaimer before I dive into the controversy of feminism full force. I do not believe, nor have I ever believed that Feminism is the enemy- it is desperately needed in countries where women are not equal to men within the political, social and economic settings of where they live. However, I will not dispute that the radicalized version of modern feminism has offended many women worldwide, including me.

There is no doubt that the birth of feminism was essential , and its significance to the equality and liberty women now have, is something that should be appreciated.  I researched the history of feminism, and there is really no pin point date that deemed all women equals, as it had been a battle for a very long time. The early 1900’s was a pivotal time; in 1919 all American states allowed women to vote and slowly after many other countries followed.

The effort, blood, sweat, tears and time that previous feminists have put into liberating women is not something to be forgotten, or dismissed. The women against feminism is, in my opinion, doing a disservice to their ancestors who fought for the very freedom they now have to be able to  express how they feel without any consequence, or their freedom to elect new officials, or to work any job they please.

So what do Women against feminism believe? From my research, it doesn’t seem to be relevant to the history; rather it is correlated with the modern approach and attitudes that some feminists believe. Some of the key points I found were that women felt that by this new take on feminism, there is too much generalization of men, and almost as if instead of trying to find equality, they are finding a way to prove better than the opposite sex.

Statements like “Equality is not gender-specific” or “Support Egalitarianism” and even “Feminist ideologies create a divide that fuels anger an animosity between men and women” all prove relevant that there is a divide between women and modern feminism.

So how do we close this gap and unite all women across the globe to recognize where their services are needed, to understand than not all men are enemies and that there is nothing wrong with women wanting to do the things that fall under “gender specific roles”.

I think is it important to understand that everyone has different and valuable beliefs provided they don’t seek to cause harm to anyone. I believe that feminism is a good thing, it has been a good thing and it should continue to be a good thing and to fight the real battles for the women who still have no voice.

Instead of freeing the nipples, why not free those who are genuinely oppressed within their cultures and communities? Don’t get me wrong I understand the sexual objectification of the female body in the media, that’s a different story, however I don’t think that freeing the nipple is more important than fighting for a right and privilege that previous feminists fought for us, you know, the ones who devoted their lives to feminism, and allowed you the opportunity to even have an opinion.

A good place to start is educating yourself. Understanding that patriarchy isn’t for everyone, but respecting those who believe in it, and understanding the dangers of gender roles, but respecting those who believe in them- no matter what we do people are going to differ in their views and opinions. If we truly want equality, understanding, accepting and respecting those who differ in opinion than you is a good place to start.  Forcing others to believe in what you believe is not equality. Acceptance and understanding is.

I believe in the empowerment of all individuals, and egalitarianism. I do not believe that one sex is better than the other. I also don’t believe that men are to blame, I was raised by a hardworking man who loves his family, and I have been dedicated to a man for five years who has never treated me as anything but an equal partner. And when something is heavy, then by all means he can carry it- because yes, he is stronger than me and I am more than okay with that.


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