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A Day in the Life  – Closed Captioning – Humour Me

Just to start your day off right,  I thought I could put your life in perspective when you come to a difficult road block.

I am Canadian as well as an array of other European descents. I speak English and my knowledge of other languages is very sparse I’d say. I did not fail French but I can honestly say, very few useful phrases stayed with me. And Cree? I can’t say I know too much of that either. Oh but Hungarian, I must know that right?

Imagine my reaction while I am at work puttering away, close-captioning videos and the language I am trying to caption is no longer English.
What would you do if you started getting a good rhythm going , listening to a phrase, typing the appropriate words and then all of a sudden, “Véletlen magyar szavak”. Really, what do you do?

I sat there laughing and contemplating how exactly I was going to translate this.. Luckily, the speaker repeated an English version right after so my immediate thought was “AWESOME, I can just put that in google translate”. I proceed to do this and click to listen and make sure the phrases are the same and what do I hear? Not even close… there might have been a similar sound…somewhere… but what I had translated was not what was said in the video! That’s my task for today; generate these Hungarian, french and specific aboriginal languages as subtitles. Think about this today as you prepare yourself to cross that bridge and climb that mountain you will inevitably have to climb. Maybe laugh about it? It helps, trust me!



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