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Same Sex Marriage Legalized in all 50 States


It’s currently 11:19 and I’m sitting in an un-finished living room that has just been painted; sitting here reviewing the events of today. Today June 26, 2015 same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states of the United States of America. Can I say; ABOUT TIME. It’s a human right so realistically same-sex marriage should never have been prohibited in the first place but like all major social controversies and “devides” I guess society has to start somewhere so that there is room to grow…

The way I see it, we as a society reject what we are not familiar with. We attach negative connotations to things that are not seen as “normal”. Why is heterosexuality considered normal though? Why is heteronormativity a thing? Who deemed it natural for a man and a woman to be together and immoral/unnatural for a man and a man or a woman or a woman or any other combination at all? This change in law is a step in the right direction for rectifying our mistakes in the past in terms of alienating those who do not confirm to historical trends.

I congratulate the supreme court of the United States. You go Glen CoCo. Better late than never , right?

I realize this is a rather un-conventional, informal and unprofessional post but it is late at night and I really wanted to express how happy and stoked I am for the future. This step has opened so many doors for so many people! Right after the supreme court legalized same sex  marriage, couples around the country got their marriage license. How cool is that? Imagine being told you can finally openly marry the one you love? I can’t even imagine the sense of overwhelming sense of happiness and shock and excitement one would feel! Congratulations to the LGBTQ community!

Oh and on a side note if you have Facebook there is a really cool feature going around to change your profile photo to have a translucent LGBTQ rainbow over it to #CelebratePride


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