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Artist Profile – Good Ghost – Music

Good Ghost 1Good Ghost has me asking one question; how can such a predominantly automotive driven city like Oshawa be home to such a creative and barrier-breaking band such as this!? With singer Katie Munshaw , bassist Mackenzie Spencer, guitarist Alex Spencer and singer Charlie Spencer on keys and electric drum pad, Good Ghost produces music for the soul! Captivated by the unique indie/pop genre, you will never be surprised by the quality and originality of the sound in each one of their songs! My personal favorite? Temporary! Definitely a tune I had on repeat for quite some time! I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful members and here is a look into what they had to say about their music and musical career!

Emily: Let’s start off simple; how did you all meet?

Charlie: Birth. Mack, Alex and I are brothers. Katie and I met in grade nine math. We formed a friendship through being choir/band geeks.

Emily: Awh lovely!  Where did the name “Good Ghost” come from? Is there a story behind it?

Katie: See now I hate this question! I hate it because the creation of our name is so lame! We went nameless for a long time because we were all so picky about it.

Mack: There were dinner table sessions between the four of us with random books in our hands, hoping to come across that word or set of words that roll off the tongue well and fit our theme. Eventually, Good Ghost appeared almost out of thin air; and we all somehow agreed with it.

Katie: It’s so tough. I feel like naming a band is like naming a child. You’ve got to cover all the bases. How will it make you come across? Will the other bands make fun of us in the school yard? I wish I had a cooler response to this question, but the truth is we came to the conclusion of Good Ghost because we liked the simplicity of it. And the alliteration. I mean who doesn’t like a good alliteration? Am I right?

good ghost 4

Emily: Aha! So you’ve been together for about a year now and have come out with some pretty awesome songs like Ivory and Gold, Temporary and recently Baby Teeth! Is there a plan for an album in the near future?

Katie: Yeah for sure! I think for us, we’ve been together as a band for a year, but have only really found our sound about 6 months ago. I think now that we have more of ground to stand on, creatively, an EP is definitely our next step.

Emily: “Temporary” features the lovely harmonies of both you Katie and Charlie; how long have you both been singing together?

Katie: We started our musical collaborations in grade ten, I believe. We did the talent show together. I sang ‘Love Song’ by Sara Bareilles while Charlie played the piano. It was a big deal to us then. I feel like when you’re so young and you get this overwhelming positive response from your peers, it’s this rush of wonderful feelings. As embarrassing as those performances are to look back on, I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to have such an encouraging base to start off on.

Googhost 5

Emily: What was the initial story or influence for “temporary”?

Charlie: Temporary, for a long time, was just a single verse. I wrote the first verse after the loss of a good friend of ours. It was less about the loss and more so about the realization of forever, and how it doesn’t necessarily exist.

Katie: Yeah for me, writing temporary made me get in touch with a lot of heavier ideas like loss and loneliness. Just like this overall angst and confusion about life that I think everyone can relate to.

Emily: Are there any bands that influence your work?

Charlie: We draw from a lot of newer music. Broods, Purity Ring Lorde and London Grammar have been huge for me.

Alex: Recent influences for me would be a lot of jazz oriented electronic like Flying Lotus and Teebs. Artists like Kimbra and St.Vincent have really connected with me.

Mack: Artists like St Lucia and Tycho gave me a lot of inspiration for the cleaner, more electronic sound. We’re also big fans of Bombay Bicycle Club.

Emily: What would you say are the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an up-and-coming band from Oshawa?

Alex: Fitting gear and us into the car.

Charlie: Haha yes for sure. Also, Oshawa is predominantly folk and country driven, making us somewhat outcast genre wise.

goodghost 2

Emily: What was it like playing at the Moustache Club? How would you describe the experience of playing your music on stage?

Alex: A learning curve for sure. The Moustache Club was and continues to be a great environment for us to cut our teeth in a live setting.

Emily: And last but certainly not least, what advice would you give to other musical artists wanting to take their passion and turn it into something more?

Alex: Don’t strive to sound like something else that already exists. Ruffle feathers, challenge your audience – and be remembered.

Check them out:

Youtube  Facebook  Soundcloud BandCamp

** All photos property of Good Ghost **


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