St.Jacobs County; A place you can call home

st jacobs

I’d call St. Jacobs a place you can call home due to the vibe you feel as soon as you drive into the small town. Famous for the farmer’s market, antique market, little village and Mennonite culture; St.Jacobs is the ideal place to spend a Saturday.  This small town is near Waterloo, Ontario and is filled with the work of artisans and the food of pleasant farmers.


One of my favourite things to do is stroll about the main town area there! You’ll find everything from pottery to knitted items, murals to plant displays and of course places to eat. My all time favourite place to eat is the Stone Crock restaurant. Up until now there was this delicious ham and cheese toasted sandwich on a buttery French bread and I got it every time. Just found out it was discontinued but the bacon and cheese will suffice for now!


After  a stroll for the town it’s time to hit the market! There is an outdoor portion of vendors (like this amazing retro ice-cream stand) and other people selling produce, clothes and crafted items .You can proceed inside for more crafts, baked goods, meat and oh so much more! (of course there are tons of free samples too so I obviously had a good time).


If you’re headed out that way here’s a list of places I would highly suggest!

Stone Crock Restaurant – 1396 King Street North, St. Jacobs, ON

Bacon and Cheese Sandwich is pretty good! There’s a buffet and a regular menu J Every time I go we catch the last table or close to last table so plan to get there right before or right after the usual lunch rush!

The Mill 1441 King Street North, St. Jacobs, ON

Used to be an old Mill but now you can find “A Touch of Scotland” (got two cute matching Celtic rings there), a quilt gallery, train display and a few other cool shops and galleries with unique items from local artisans! Attached it the “Village Silos”, home to more creative shops!


Hamel Brooms 1411 King Street North, St.Jacobs, ON

It was previously a Blacksmith’s shop but now this place houses a whole bunch of brooms made on site as well as wood working and little knick-knacks! There’s a unique glass working business in the back too!

St.Jacobs and Aberfoyle Model Railway 1440-3 King Street North, St Jacobs

I know what you may be thinking, a model railway is not that interesting and I don’t blame you because that was the same attitude I had going in! However, I am a changed woman in regards to my model train interests as this was one of the best displays I’ve seen! Made to model the changing times of day you can experience this model town and railway site during the day and evening which in my opinion is really unique! Also, it’s not a little display! This is a full room of intricate designs and many different trains. There is so much happening you can easily spend at least 45 minutes watching different areas of the town.

Farmer’s Market & Antique Market


And last but not least you have to hit the Farmer’s Market and Antique market! They are an absolute must because you will find one-of-a-kind crafted items and homemade foods! Usual pit stops are any Mennonite maple stand where I buy my maple sugar candies (another name for compressed raw maple sugar) and any booth that has chocolate or sugar cookies! Recent additions include Small Batch Icecream which make their ice-cream from a lot of local ingredients, some of which come from other vendors.


I was so tempted to buy a striped maxi skirt for 20$ the last time I went but I had already dropped enough money (it’ll be a buy next time for sure!!). Nearby you will find the antique market will many smaller cubicles for individual vintage vendors. There is something for everyone here as you find a new home for aged items!

All in all, St.Jacobs County is a family-friendly and crafty place to visit, even if it’s just to take a walk about the town!



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