Entry Level Full Time Employment – What I’ve Learned

full time employment

What I Thought

No-one ever tells you in school that when you start a full time job you are going to experience a copious amount of feelings and changes. Sure, you will think you are going to school but getting paid right? I’ll be honest with you, when I looked into getting a full time job in the summer to pay for school I assumed it’d be like high-school. I would make my lunch, do my make-up and pick out a cute formal outfit for the office and the hours would fly by like they did in class. I’d accomplish what I needed to and if I didn’t I could just do it the next day, kinda like school right?

What Is Actually the Case

The days do not fly by. I can tell you that. Unless I have a photography gig booked for the day or  exciting new website requests that need to be handled, I am doing similar tasks each day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned more in these past two months than I have in my past year (more practical skills that is) and I enjoy the work. That’s not to say however that some days I feel like all I do is work from sun-up to sun-down instead of an 8 hour shift. When you are on a computer doing similar web and coding tasks everyday, the days can blur together. Second thing, you cannot always push things to the next day. Unlike school, you cannot tell your boss you weren’t feeling well and couldn’t get that important project done on-time. Of course I knew this going in but I thought I should share it for those who may be expecting something different. More people are relying on you. A project may seem like something you are doing for your colleague or boss but there can be upwards or 3 or 4 other people involved and counting on you to get a project done by the deadline!

How do I make the best out of it?

Easy. Some days there really isn’t much I can do, if it is a slow day and all I’m doing is scanning and fixing little errors on the site then that’s what I’ll do! To make the time go by faster though;

  • Take the breaks allotted to you and space them out. I know I finish around 4:30 so I take my lunch from 1-2 and the last two and half hours fly by! I also take my 15 minute break around 11 to give me a chance to snack and recoup!
  • Listen to tunes. Some offices may not allow this but if you can I find having a study 8-tracks playlist play in the background makes time fly and keeps me awake!
  • I cannot stress this enough. Pack a good lunch and an array of snacks. Nothing is worse than sitting for 8 hours and cramping up because you haven’t eaten since 6 o’clock
  • Look on the Brightside; you are working for a reason, you need the money. You probably have a few cool colleagues to talk to on occasion.

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