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DIY – How I Edit My Photos

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Recent Fashion Shoot: How I Shoot my Photos

I recently did a fashion shoot for a post on another blog I contribute to. I wanted these photos to have a cooler, washed-out feel to them and after editing the photos though “Hey, why don’t I do a little DIY post on how I edited these photos”.

What You’ll Need:

  • -Photos to edit
  • -Photoshop (I’m using Photoshop CS.5.1)
  1. Pull up your photo into photoshop Sara post 1
  2. In the right hand menu (Adjustment Palette) click the exposure IconSara post 2
  3. You now have the option to play around with the Offset and Gamma Correction sliders. If I wanna play with the photographs and wash them out a little and make it look as though a low-opacity white layer has been put over the photo; I’ll use these two sliders! The settings for the specific photo I edited for this tutorial were

Offset: +0.0445  Gamma Correction: 1.10sara post 3

  1. After that I like to play with the colour balance ad contrast, both located in the right hand adjustments palette as well. I lessen the contrast just a smidgen (It may seem like -1 makes no difference but I see it!). As far as colour balance goes I like to make the photos a little cooler so I setting the Cyan/Red slider to -5 brings out more Cyan and using +6 with the Yellow/Blue again increases the cool colours in the photograph.

sara 5sara 4

  1. The finished product:

sara 6

I’m lucky to have Sara around because she’s patient, enjoys modelling and doesn’t mind changing a billion times until I find the outfit I want! Some of these photos were used in a post I wrote about wearing a white shirt 4 different ways!

DSC_0017        DSC_0097           Sara 1




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